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CeNano develops and produces nanotechnology products since 2004

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All products are made in Germany!

nanotol sealant is very special - a sealant for all materials

nanotol repels fat, dirt, oil and water from paint, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, marble, and leather.

Save on all additional cleaning products and clean the sealed surface with clear water - your contribution to protecting the environment.

nanotol is safe for humans and surfaces, is biodegradable, and begnign to skin.

nanotol makes all glasses look like crystal.

nanotol is easy to use by anyone - nanotol cleans, treats, and protects surfaces.

nanotol contains no silicone, organic solvents, or alcohols.


Clean surfaces sealed with nanotol in half the time, you just need water and a microfiber cloth.

nanotol has an enormous development edge over other sealants




How nanotol works

Textile sealant, concrete sealant, estrich sealant, natural stone sealant, facade sealant, nano sealant as anti-graffiti protection

For surfaces on which nanotol is not effective, we offer CeNano sealants for





Science tv series proves CeNano-Products

Broadcast on TV: Pro 7 Series proves CeNano products  in front of a running camera.

See the video here: