CeNano develops a new generation of cleaning agents

Compared to commerical cleaning agents, nanoproducts are distinguished with three special benefits:

They are

  • sustainable, environmentally-friendly
  • highly efficient and time saving
  • much cheaper than conventional cleaning agents.

Sustainable environmentally-friendly

If you use modern „nanocleaning agents“ not only you will safe time and money, you will also contribute to the sustainability and environment. Thanks to innovative nanotechnology, traditional cleaning agents with partly hard degradable and not always environmentally safe surfactants are increasingly becoming unessential.

You can't get more environmentally sound than that



Who doesn't like to spend precious time and energy for the important things in life than cleaning? Thanks to highly efficient nanotechnology products, you can definitely save time and power. All you need after sealing is pure water for cleaning. Another benefit is the brilliant shine.

Cleaning in half the time



In the long-term you can even safe costs with CeNano products. If you clean and seal a 40 sqm conservatory, you can reduce your expenses for cleaning agents by 50 percent within one year. Experience shows that almost all consumers keep using CeNano products, once they have tested and used it.