CeNano GmbH & Co. KG


develops, produces, and markets ceramic coatings and nanotechnology sealants that make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.


CeNano GmbH & Co. KG arose from the fuel cell research at Fuel Cell Ceramics GmbH. For over 13 years, General Manager Mike Friedrich has been working with technical ceramics and nanotechnology to make the production of fuel cells as a new energy source for a cleaner environment profitable. This requires weighing ecological as well as economic factors.


The development process yielded nanotol, a universal nano sealant that treats surfaces so that they can be cleaned ecologically. The use of nanotol not only reduces cleaning times by more than 50%, but eliminates the need for all environmentally damaging cleaning agents. Mike Friedrich founded the company nanotol in 2003 to market nanotol.   

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The first worldwide online shop for nanotechnological sealants was established in 2005 to be able to sell nanotol sealants quickly and affordably to the end user without an intermediate dealer.



CeNano GmbH & Co. KG was founded to better serve the rapidly growing international demand and to market nanotol professionally.  Besides nanotol many other products were developed in the field of nanotechnology. Irene Friedrich, MBA and Mike Friedrich’s wife, developed the new website for CeNano GmbH & Co. KG and introduced a web shop.




The premises in St. Wolfgang became too small for the engineer for materials and mechanics.  After one year of construction, CeNano moved to a new office in Dorfen in July 2010.  A mediterranean type of residential accommodation and office was established in the business park “Am Brühl”. The shades of colour and roof tiles remind of an architectural style of the Provence or Tuscany. Behind the attractive exterior is an office, a lab, a warehouse and a nice small shop.

 The sales network is to be expanded substantially from the new office. The clientele is growing continuously. The product nanotol developed by CeNano GmbH & Co.KG has approx. 60.000 private users.  A telephone support is also offered together with the online shop. In addition, Mike Friedrich, a ceramics and mechanical engineer, advises industrial clients on the benefits of ceramic and nanoparticle surfaces. In recent years, numerous customized surface coatings were developed for various customers that were then patented by the customers.



CeNano is one of the leading international suppliers of nanotechnological sealants. The international recognition has grown with the export in more than 30 countries. Private and business customers worldwide appreciate the health-friendly products, the easy application of the sealants on all surfaces as well as the longterm protection.