23. June 2016

Beneficial effects of Nano hydrophobic coatings for Solar photovoltaic modules in dusty environment

In order to avoid the soiling on PV modules Glass the application of nanotol coating on solar...

06. October 2015

Do we need to protect us from nano particles or do they protect us?

Nano coatings refute existing prejudices

22. October 2014

Present development conditions

Every year millions of tons of cleaning agents are sold worldwide. Despite the laws for...

11. March 2014

Lucy Diakovska started this year with a nanotoled wok for Bulgaria

Sealed with nanotol the 4-as well as the 1er WOK were very quickly - for the exit curve 9 or even...

20. June 2013

CeNano at Do!Schaugst Exhibition

The 5. Exhibition of the Förderkreis Dorfen has thousands of visitors at the weekend

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