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22. October 2014 18:11

Present development conditions

Every year millions of tons of cleaning agents are sold worldwide. Despite the laws for environmental sustainability of washing and cleaning agents, the ecological damage increases due to the continuous growth of used cleaning agencies.

nanotol follows new paths

With the expansion of nanotol, CeNano has succeeded to counteract this development. A surface sealed with nanotol can be cleaned without the use of surfactants. A surface sealed with nanotol is free of dirt, grease and dust deposits for months up to several years, depending on the level of stress exposure, just with water (without cleaning agent) and is left hygienically clean. This is a way to really relieve the environment instead of only limiting the increase of damages.


Easy, rapid and complete biodegradability (OECD 301)

According to the OECD guidelines, an easy, rapid and complete biodegradability was confirmed in the surfactants of nanotol products. A complete degradation means that the surfactants are decomposed in small and simple basic elements within the specified time. At the end only carbon dioxide (C02), water (h20), mineral salts and biomass is left.


Food safety according to § 31 LFGB

Nanotol Primer and sealant meet the requirements of the § 31 of LFGB * and is classified as being harmless. The product line CeNano Textol, CeNano Textol Pro and CeNano Textol Ultra as well as the product line CeNano Portol, CeNano Portol Pro and CeNano Portol Anti Graffiti meet the requirements of the § 30 and § 31 of LFGB and the European Regulation (EC No.: 1935/2004.

* Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch (Food, Commodities and Feed Code)

Proof of hygiene due to ATP analysis

ATP bioluminescence measurements proofed that

  1.  surfaces cleaned with nanotol Primer are hygienically clean
  2. surfaces sealed with nanotol sealant remain hygienically clean respectively become hygienically clean just with water.

This also applies to all combination products such as Nanofix sanitary cleaner, nanotol 2in1, nanotol K3 and nanotol car shampoo.

* ATP measurements are evidence controls during hygiene monitoring of cleaning processes.