Premium Car Wash Car Shampoo

The exclusive high-end offer for car wash operators

The nanotol car shampoo is the only real nanoproduct, which can be used in the car wash. It creates a deep shine on the paint, which is not found elsewhere in a car wash. 



Suitable for any car wash

The nanotol premium car shampoo is suitable for any car wash. Like any other shampoo it is applied with the brushes.

  • Great elevation of water
  • Excellent drying
  • Deep gloss
  • Easy to clean effect

Every car washed with nanotol premium car shampoo will attract new customers and customer loyality is gained due to impressive results.


The material costs for one car is less than 1 €. The result is to be applied in the high end area of your car wash with prices as of 15 € for one car wash. 



Information and product test

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