Nanotol – the second generation of nano coating

Applying Nanotol®creates a thin, invisible layer of nanopolymers. Dirt, dust, and fat can no longer bond with the surface and can be easily removed from the coated surface using clear water without any cleaning agents.

You can't get more environmentally sound than that.



With nanotol you don't need any other commercial cleaning products. Save not only money, but over 50% of the normal cleaning time as well.

That goes far beyond the previously known lotus effect!

Nanotol is a further development of the already known lotus effect and can be used for many different purposes. 


How does it work?

Under a microscope, you can see that a normal surface has craters and pits where dirt can stick to it. This is entirely normal, because no surface is completely smooth. To remove the dirt, we use conventional chemical and mechanical energy (cleaners, scrubbers, and muscle power). The surface gets even rougher over time and dirt collects faster and is more difficult to remove.

Sealing with nanotol fills the recesses with a macropolymer. Nanoparticles that are fat, dirt, oil, and water repellent are attached to the macropolymers. The dirt thus sits loosely above the nanotol coating and can be easily removed with clear water without any cleaning product.



Use the technology of the 21st century to seal windows, car, boat, camper, or motorcycle and start saving time and money for their care.



nanotol is:

  • hydrophobic (water repellent)
  • lipophobic (fat repellent)
  • oleophobic (oil repellent)
  • and food safe acc. to § 31 LBFG and can thus be used in the food industry.

Due to its exceptional, outstanding properties, nanotol has met with huge interest far beyond the European market.

nanotol ...

Nanotol is the newest generation of nano sealants

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The nanotol 250 ml combo set consists of                                  Price: 59.90 Euro

250 nanotol primer   (precleaner)                                                       incl. 19% VAT.
250 ml nanotol coating                                                                                            excl. shipping costs 
2 high quality microfiber cloths
2 sponges                                                                

Enough for coating an area of 40 sq. meters!