More time for essentials

Save your precious time for the things you enjoy!

Like walking, sailing or biking instead of cleaning. You need to seal the windows of your house or apartment with nanotol only once and can then give all the windows a brilliant shine in just a few minutes.


nanotol has two big advantages:

  1. Surfaces sealed with nanotol do not require cleaning as often.
  2. Surfaces sealed with nanotol can be cleaned in a fraction of the time.


Cleaning can even be fun when it is so simple and fast! Save time and cleaning products while you protect the environment and save money.

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How does it work?

A surface that feels smooth looks like a moon landscape under an electron microscope. Deep crevices and craters allow fat, dirt, and lime to collect and stick to the surface. You need muscle power, cleaning agents, and most of all, time to remove this dirt.


The nanopolymers contained in the nanotol nano sealant enter these deep craters. Imagine dumping small pearls into a bucket full of tennis balls. The pearls slide between the tennis balls and fill in the spaces. This makes the surface noticeably smoother. You can feel this effect immediately after applying nanotol when you stroke the surface with your hand.


Dirt cannot stick to such a smooth surface. So you don't need muscles or cleaners to clean such a smooth surface. Clear water suffices and you can just wipe even greasy streaks from a mirror.