How to use nanotol

nanotol can be applied quickly and easily at temperatures between 1° and 40°C. Following procedures carefully before and during sealing can improve the results considerably.


Brief instructions:

  1. Clean the surface with nanotol primer - dry
  2. Seal the surface with nanotol sealant - let dry 10 minutes
  3. Polish with the nanotol microfiber cloth - finished


Detailed instructions and tips for an ideal result

1. Clean the surface with nanotol primer

The nanotol primer is a cleaner that is optimally suited to prepare the surface for sealing. Please dilute one part nanotol primer with 25 parts water (two to three caps of primer to one liter of water). Softened or distilled water is ideal; tap water with a low degree of hardness is also suitable. Wash the object thoroughly and rinse the cleaned areas with water or wipe them off to completely remove any remaining primer.


2. Coating the surface with the nanotol sealant

Apply some sealant to a dry cloth. Apply the sealant thinly and evenly. Make sure that the sealant is applied to all areas. You will see the effect immediately - the water it contains beads up.


3. Polish the sealed surface

Please polish the dried surface with a high quality microfiber cloth until no remaining sealant is visible and the surface shines with no streaks. If remaining sealant is still visible, moisten the microfiber cloth slightly with warm water. If any streaks can be seen later, just polish again at a later time.



The sealant will remain intact for a long time if you clean the surfaces treated with nanotol with clear water and the nanotol microfiber cloth only.The nanotol primer can also be used on the sealant without damaging it.


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Instructions version Januar 2008