Descale, clean, and seal in one step!

No more limescale build-up!

Thanks to nanotechnology, the first universal cleaner has been developed that combines several steps in one.

No more limescale build-up – the nanopolymers arranges themselves on the surface so that lime cannot stick. Water runs off easily and the surfaces dry quickly.


Nanofix is sprayed onto the surface and then rubbed in with a damp cleaning cloth to descale, clean, and seal. After cleaning, rinse with clear water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

For use in bathrooms, kitchen, and everywhere where limescale is a problem.

Nanofix is new!

Nanofix is available in a 250 ml and 1 liter spray bottle

After the nanotol line, Nanofix is the second nano product for the private consumer that far surpasses other cleaning products on the market that make comparable claims.

Save on all other bathroom and kitchen cleaners and try the sensation long-lasting effect of Nanofix.

The 250 ml spray bottle is very economical and lasts several months in a privat household. Order today the bathroom cleaner of the future. Long-lasting shine and protection from limescale in one product.

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