nanotol's advantages at a glance

A direct comparison with other nano sealants shows nanotol's enormous development edge

nanotol - one for all

Whether glass, metal, plastic, paint, leather, marble or plexiglass - nanotol works on all smooth, firm surfaces. nanotol cannot damage any surface - so you can try it out wherever you like, no risk at all. 

uses of nanotol


nanotol has more than "just" the lotus effect

nanotol repels not only water, but fat, oil, and dirt as well.

nanotol is:

  • hydrophobic (water repellent)
  • lipophobic (fat repellent)
  • oleophobic (oil repellent)

 The secret of nanotol


nanotol contains no solvents or alcohol

nanotol is dispersed in water, with no solvents or alcohol that can ruin gaskets or leave an unpleasant odor. You can use nanotol on all (!) surfaces, even in the car's interior, on sensitive surfaces, even on marble.

Developement history



Easy to use

The sealant is simple to apply, no long drying times, no solvent odor, no exertion:


Instructions for use


nanotol has the crystal glass effect

Whether windows or eyeglasses - glass sealed with nanotol is as clean as never before. Brilliant visibility without streaking or smearing and it's so easy to clean within seconds each time. You will be astonished!

nanotol for windows, sun rooms and facades


nanotol contains no nanoscale ceramic particles

The chains of nanopolymers in nanotol cannot enter the body through the skin or the respiratory tract. nanotol is safe for humans and surfaces, biodegradable, and proofed to §31 of the food, commodities, and animal feed code.

Developement history 



nanotol is colorless and completely invisible

nanotol will not cause any smearing, no silicone streaks, no holograms and no changes in color on the sealed surface.

Lasts 6 - 24 months

How long a nanotol seal lasts, depends greatly on the demands made on the surface. Here are a few examples:

You need only clear water and a microfiber cloth for cleaning sealed surfaces. If you follow this suggestion, you will get more out of your sealed surface.


Opened bottles can be used indefinitely

nanotol remains effective for many years, as long as you keep it in the original bottle and close it properly.


Last but not least:

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The nanotol 250 ml combo set consists of                                  Price: 59.90 Euro

250 nanotol primer   (precleaner)                                                       incl. 19% VAT.
250 ml nanotol coating                                                                                            excl. shipping costs 
2 high quality microfiber cloths
2 sponges                                                                

Enough for coating an area of 40 sq. meters!