nanotol ist a real blessing for conservatory and windows

Glass coated with nanotol has

  1. Longer intervals between cleaning

    Applying anotol coating makes the glass noticeably smoother. Dirt and dust don't stick to it because they don't have any contact with the surface. The whole surface stays clean longer.

  2. Shorter cleaning times

    Grease streaks or water droplets can be removed with just a moist microfiber cloth with no cleaners. You have "sparkling" windows with just one wipe! Visibility is great, the glass is almost invisible!

  3. High quality radiance

    Smoothing changes the angle of incidence, similar to crystal glass. This is why glass surfaces sealed with nanotol have an elegant look that you con only get with really clean windows.

The coating with nanotol primer and sealant is sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and cost-effective!  Calculation example

Commercial sealing with nanotol

Even commercially sealing can be done with nanotol.

Please finde here our

instruction how to seal bigger areas with nanotol

The biggest advantages are significantly reduced working hours and a much longer interval between the cleaning processes. This leads to a complete new basis for calculations.


Never again without nanotol

That is the overwhelming opinion of our customers. Once you've tested nanotol, you'll never want to clean a "normal" window again.

You'll love it!
Nanotol keeps for years and is simple to use.


Test nanotol today!

on windows, windshields, glass facades, glass furniture, glass doors, mirrors, shower stalls, showcases and food cabinets, sunrooms and all objects made of plexiglass.


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The nanotol 250 ml combo set consists of                                  Price: 59.90 Euro

250 nanotol primer   (precleaner)                                                       incl. 19% VAT.
250 ml nanotol coating                                                                                            excl. shipping costs 
2 high quality microfiber cloths
2 sponges                                                                

Enough for coating an area of 40 sq. meters!                                                                                                                                



Tip: Coat your window frames at the same time and turn spring cleaning into child's play. No matter whether painted wooden frames or plastic frames. The invisible protective coating protects the surface from dirt, sun, wind, and weather. White window frames stay white for years because the dirt doesn't even touch the surface and can be removed with clear water.