Nanotol nano coating - one for all


For glass, plastic and metal of all kinds, marble, leather, and painted wood


nanotol® sealant is a unique nano sealant. It works without any solvents on all smooth, non-absorbent finishes to repel fat, dirt, oil, and water. nanotol is biodegradable, safe for the environment, and non-toxic.
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nanotol is the ideal nano sealant for

All automobile surfaces

Windows/sunrooms, including frames


Bathrooms and kitchens

Yachts and boats

Eyeglasses and optical lenses



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Textile and Wood Protection

Coated textiles, garden furniture, building facades or walls become hydriphobic, or water repellent. Water beads up" on their surfaces. The water particles remove loose dirt – the surface is cleaned.


Textol - Sealant

CeNano Textol sealant is an innovative protection for fibres based on nano technology and suitable for fabrics, wood and paper. Textol is aqueous dispersed, environment friendly and contains no solvent.



Textol is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, even for sensitive
silk or sturdy cotton. CeNano Textol sealant offers protection
against dirt and fluids such us oil, coffee and other stains. It
is absolutely invisible, easy to clean and does not harm the
appearance, the breathability or the colour. Use Textol to prevent
soaking and stains.


Wood and paper

Textol is suitable for all kinds of untreated wood. Self-organizing
components are responsible for the water- and oil repellent
properties of the treated surfaces.
The surface remains open to diffusion by steam, there is no
stagnant moisture underneath the sealant.


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Hydrophobic Stone Sealant

Portol - Sealant   (protects all kind of stones i.e. against moss)

CeNano Portol sealant is an invisible, water - and dirt repellent, UV resistant coating for porous substrate surfaces such as sandstone, concrete stone, terracotta, clay tiles or plaster. Portol protects the inner sides of the pores with a wafer-thin layer, the sealed surface remains breathable. A great amount of dirt is washed away by rain. The UV stability enables a long lasting protection of the coated surface, provided that it is not destroid by abrasion.


  • great hydrophoby + oleophoby
  • very good non-sticking properties
  • easy-to-clean effect on dirt deposits
  • invisible (thickness of layer: 100-150 nm)
  • solvent-free and odourless
  • chemical resistant
  • hardening at room temperature.
    No additional energy or UV-light necessary
  • high pressure jet   (50 – 60 Bar) possible
  • high efficiency due to low consumption
  • high temperature stability – UV-stable
  • absolutely frost resistant
  • no crack formation due to ice
  • significant reduction of moss and fungus formation


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Nanofix Sanitary Cleaner and Sealer

No more problems with limescale 

Nanofix cleans, descales, and seals in one short step. After use, water runs off on its own, the surface does not need to be dried.


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