Science programme has proved that CeNano products work!

The editiors of Galileo of the TV channel Pro7 tested in front of the camera how clothes, working gloves and stones treated with CeNano products such as Textol sealant and Portol sealant remained clean. Textiles and concrete stones were water, dirt and oil repellent, even a mobile phone was still functioning after a dive into the water tank.

Watch the whole video at Pro7:


 Nano fabric protection



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Textol Pro Nano fabric protection sealant

Long lasting nano sealant for fabric shoes or shoes of suede leather.


Easy application:

- Spray on the clean surface

- Let it dry for 24 hours

- Washable in the washing machine up to 30°C




CeNano Textol protection sealant for fabrics

A new dimension of stain protection

Fluids can no longer penetrate the fabric and thus cannot leave stains.

Textol is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, even for sensitive silk or sturdy cotton. CeNano Textol sealant offers protection against dirt and fluids such us oil, coffee and other stains. It is absolutely invisible, easy to clean and does not harm the appearance, the breathability or the colour. Use Textol to prevent soaking and stains.






Product overview

Textol Pro Nano Coating for shoes

     Ultra strong and reliable protections against water and dirt.

     50 ml spray bottle for approx. 4 pairs of shoes for only 13,90 €


Textol - Coating

     For all kinds of fabric and untreated wood. Textol Coating covers each  single
     fabric and wood fibre and it is water and dirt resistant.

     250 ml or 1000 ml spray bottle for 5 to 20 m²  as of 21,00 €