Textol Sealant for wood


Protect your teak furniture, gazebo, and fence from the elements!


Garden shed under trees
Water does not penetrate the wood.
As beautiful as new.

Rain beads up and the surface stays dry! Water does not enter into the open pores of the wood. The wood cannot rot.


In addition, CeNano protects wood from dirt and dust. The colors stay fresh and value is retained. Rain washes dust away before it can bond to the surface.



Works on all kinds of wood, but also on porous stone and paper.



Depends on the absorbency of the surface. Between 100 to 400 ml/m² for very absorbent wood.

CeNano Textol on wood


The surface to be coated must be clean and dry. Loose items need to be removed. Shake CeNano wood coating before use and then just spray on or use a brush or roller.


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  • contains no solvents or alcohol
  • no odor
  • water repellent (hydrophobic)
  • oil repellent  (oleophobic)
  • invisible, as it is transparent
  • condensation permeable



Adirondack garden chair
Protect your property and enjoy the new look