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Nanotol nano coating- one for all

nanotol - ideal für alle Oberflächen am Auto

For glass, plastic, and metal of all kinds, marble, leather, and painted wood

nanotol® coating is a unique nano coating. It works without any solvents on all smooth, non-absorbent finishes to repel fat, dirt, oil, and water. nanotol is biodegradable, safe for the environment, and non-toxic.
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nanotol is the ideal nano sealant for

All automobile surfaces

Windows/sunrooms, including frames


Bathrooms and kitchens

Yachts and boats

Eyeglasses and optical lenses



CeNano coatings - for non-smooth surfaces

Nanotechnology provides a completely new kind of protection for many everyday objects from water and dirt.


Textile coating: Textol

Wood coating: Textol

Stone coatingt: Portol



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